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It has always been my recommendation that teachers should search for Internet resources they want their students to use and design lessons/projects/units so that the Internet sites to be used are clearly defined. However, if you plan to send your students searching, use one of the Kid-Safe search engines below:
Ask for Kids - Just type in a question and click Ask! Actually a word or two works just as well as a whole question.
CyberSleuth Kids - an Internet guide for K-12 kids (warn your students about the ads)
Kids Click: A web guide and search tool for kids put together by librarians. Fifteen major categories each with several subcategories, this site has a look similar to Yahoo. - a powerful internet metasearch engine developed for kids (age group targeted, kids above 10)
Kids.Net - Search Engine Just for kids & children - Searching safe & clean sites.
Kids' Search Tools - Search here for words, information or web sites with this all-inclusive page that includes a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedias, kid safe search engines and more.
Super Kids - Super Cool Guide to Finding Stuff on the Web