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Free Internet Options

Message from Optimum Online 

We have opened up our Emergency Optimum WiFi outdoor hotspots for public use to non-subscribers. To find an Emergency Hotspot, click here.

To join, in the Wi-Fi settings on your device, select the
"optimumwifi-Emergency" network name and follow the prompts to log in.

Message from Comcast / XFINITY 


Company Opens Xfinity WiFi Network Nationally for Free, Offers Unlimited Data for Free, Confirms Its Commitment to Connecting Low-Income Families
On the heels of offering new, low-income Internet Essentials customers two months of free internet and raising the speed of that program’s service to 25/3 Mbps, Comcast today announced additional steps to help ensure people stay connected to the Internet as more schools suspend classes and companies encourage employees to work from home due to the Coronavirus.

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