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School Welcome Letter - 2020-2021

Please see Dr. Goeke's School Welcome Letter to Families for the 2020-2021 School Year. 
Link to the letter can be found here

School Reopening Letter - 2020-2021

A copy of this letter can be found here

August 6, 2020
Dear Families,
As our school year approaches, everyone here at RMS has been very busy planning for a safe and healthy start to our school year.  
I would like to thank the Reopening Committee for their hard work and dedication to our students in creating a plan that is comprehensive and consistent with state and CDC guidelines.  It was truly a pleasure working with all of you.
The link to the complete Restart and Recovery Plan can be found here and a link to the PowerPoint presentation can be found here.
As the document is quite lengthy, I have attached a summary of the school reopening, along with information on the Work Family Connection options for the upcoming school year.  Due to space limitations, we will be offering before/after care and full day care on A/B days and Fridays to our in person learners first.  
Information regarding scheduled days and teacher assignments will be sent to families as soon as compiled.  Due to the nature of the school year, unfortunately, there is no possibility of requesting specific teachers.  We are working diligently to sort and stack all of the textbooks for our remote learners and will be contacting families with pick up information. 
  All students will be required to wear cloth face coverings while in school.  Please have your child arrive to school with a clean face covering with at least one extra face covering in their backpack.  Also, please include in the backpack a ziplock bag in which to store any face coverings which may become soiled during the day. 
You can help us with this important aspect of keeping everyone safe by having your child/ren practice wearing face coverings for longer periods of time.  Some helpful tips for introducing face coverings:
Ask students what superhero they are, and ask them all to create a power pose. As they hold this pose, have them breathe in three deep breaths, hold for a couple of seconds, and then breathe out a superpower they wish to send to themselves, someone they care about, or the world.
  •  These are some questions parents can use to help child/ren get used to their masks:
  • How does a face covering protect us?
  • Do you know of any superheroes that wear masks?
School supplies will be posted to our website shortly.We are suggesting that students have a rolling backpack, as they will be taking their consumable textbooks home with them each day.
Also extremely important is that each family make sure that a current email is on file.  Communication is sent through Genesis and our InTouch reverse 911 communication system using the email that the main office has on file for each family.  When completing paperwork for the new year, please provide the school with the email address that is checked the most often to make sure that you receive communications from the school.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at the school.
Dr. Lorise A. Goeke

Summary of Reopening Plan for Parents - 2020-2021

Reopening of School - 2020-2021

 A copy of this letter can be found here

The Robert Morris School will be operating on the following schedule:
   PreK and K - 5 days per week, 2 sessions per day
   8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
  11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
   Grades 1-4,  A/B Rotational Schedule - Monday, Wednesday or
   Tuesday/Thursday with Friday as a remote learning day
   8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
   Grades 5-8, A/B Rotational Schedule - Monday, Wednesday or
  Tuesday/Thursday with Friday as a remote learning day
  9:08 a.m. - 1:08 p.m.
2. Students will be assigned an A/B rotation based on their family groups. Siblings will be assigned to the same rotation schedule. 
3. Students will participate in learning activities remotely from home on days when they are not assigned to in-person instruction. 
4. Parents will be asked to bring students to school at the designated time.  Students will not be allowed to congregate in front of the school.  For everyone’s safety, parents will not be allowed to accompany students into the building. Staff members will be stationed at the doorways conducting health screenings and directing students to classrooms.
5. Students are to remain off campus when not in school. Students are not to congregate on the playground are not to be accessed before or after school. 
6. Specific instructions for drop off times and entry doors will be communicated separately.
7. If a student is required to wait for health screening, they should wait on the markers outside of the building that designate six foot social distancing spaces.
8. All students, staff, and visitors, unless medically unable (documented by a physician’s note), must wear face coverings.  
9. Students will not be eating lunch in school.  A grab and go multiple meal packs will be available for students to take home.  A pick up option will also be made available.  Opportunities and procedures for snacks will be communicated by each classroom teacher.
10. Parents/guardians are asked to pick up their children immediately at the end of each school day.  Specific times and exits will be communicated separately.
11. Before/after care and full day childcare for alternate days and Fridays  is available for those students who choose in-person learning.  Because of space limitations, we will begin offering childcare to these students.  Information regarding Work Family Connection’s programs and protocols is provided.
12. Our more typical grading procedures and practices will remain in place. The District will not be moving to a pass/fail system. Our attendance policies and procedures will also remain in place. Therefore, it is important that students who are fully remote sign in to their classrooms to participate in synchronous learning. However, adjustments will be made due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the pandemic.
13. Our classrooms, office spaces, and  common spaces such as entries, the McLaughlin Gym, and the multi-purpose room  will be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers.. Classrooms in grades K-4 are equipped with sinks for handwashing.  Classrooms in grades 5-8 and special education rooms without sinks will be provided with hand sanitizer.  All classrooms will be provided with gloves and sanitizing wipes that meet EPA standards.
14. Atalian, our custodial services company, will be disinfecting our school buildings throughout the course of the school day and each evening. For example, our custodians, on an ongoing, daily/nightly basis, will be cleaning and disinfecting our classrooms and restrooms, filling our disinfectant dispensers, disinfecting high touch surfaces, and replenishing supplies (e.g., paper towels in restrooms). They will be using products on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) disinfectants list. Additional Alitalian staff are being hired for our day shift, and those classroom desks and chairs that are used during both the a.m. and p.m. sessions will be disinfected after the a.m. session but prior to the p.m. session. Please trust that the disinfecting of our buildings has been a central focus of our planning and will continue to be given that same level of attention as we move ahead. 
15. When calling a child out sick either within Genesis or via a phone call, the parent/guardian must state the specific symptoms that the child has.

a. If a student has a fever or is sent home from the Health Office with a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, he/she will not be readmitted to school until:  
i. at least ten days have passed since the first appearance of the fever or
ii. the provision of a physician’s note stating that the student may return to school due to having completed a prescribed treatment.
16. Parents/guardians are being asked to make doctor appointments for their children outside of the scheduled in-person school times and, if an appointment during school hours is necessary, to keep the child home from school that given day.
17. If a student is sent to the Health Office, that student will be assessed by the school nurse. This assessment will include his/her temperature being taken, and he/she will be sent home if ill. We will be asking parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child to be picked up as soon as possible. There will be an isolation room for students who are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.
18. As per guidance from our local Health Department, if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the parents/guardians of the students in that class(es) will be notified. Students and staff member(s) in that class(es) will be quarantined according to the direction of the Somerset County Health Department. 
a. The student or staff member who tested positive will be told to self-isolate until: 
i. at least ten days have passed since the symptoms first appeared, 
ii. 24 hours without a fever and with no fever-reducing medications have passed, and
iii. there is improvement of respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough and shortness of breath).

b. The District reserves the right to require up to two negative COVID-19 test results that are spaced at least 24 hours apart.
c. Contact tracing will be conducted by the local Health Department as appropriate. 

Back to School Night - 2020-2021

Please see Dr. Goeke's Back to School Night Letter below. 

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