Superintendent's Message

Dr. Lorise Goeke

The South Bound Brook School District prides itself on providing an excellent education for students in a small hometown environment. Our one school district is home to approximately 465 students in grades preschool through eighth grade.
Our educational philosophy can best be exemplified by our school motto, “One school, One community.” Our students benefit from a small school experience that allows them individual attention and alternative learning experiences. For example, students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences which center around the D and R Canal. Environmental science, water safety, and history are taught through authentic experiences. The school has received grant monies to purchase kayaks. The kayaking experience is offered through the physical education curriculum to students in the fifth grade. Our science curriculum is enhanced through the students’ study of the canal and participation in our Environmental Club. For the 2009-2010 school year, students created an ecosphere in our courtyard that replicated local indigenous flora and fauna, including a fully stocked water feature. The school participates in the Trout in the Classroom program, and is excited to contribute to the continuing health of our local streams. The rich history of the canal and South Bound Brook enhances our Social Studies curriculum as well. We connect to our school community through positive relationships with our local law enforcement agency, our fire department, and our senior citizens. Our band members also perform at various community events such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Borough Hall. In the area of technology, for the 2014-15 school year, each student in grades 6-8 has been provided with a Google Chromebook for use throughout the school day.

Students in grades K-3 participate in a Reading to Dogs program. Volunteers from St. Hubert’s Shelter bring therapy-trained dogs to Robert Morris School for 10 weeks each year. Students choose their favorite stories to share with their canine buddies. This program has improved students’ reading fluency dramatically as supported by the Developmental Reading Assessment data taken before and after the 10 week program. The Reading to Dogs volunteers graciously visited other classrooms, and as a result of the positive impact of therapy dogs in the classroom, in 2013 the Robert Morris School adopted a chocolate lab mix from a local rescue. With the school since he was three months old, Ruger “lives” in the science room during the day and receives training from his handler, Dr. Goeke, after school hours. Our science teacher and middle school students reinforce obedience lessons during the school day. Ruger regularly lifts the spirits of both students and staff and is a welcome addition to the school.

Perhaps most importantly, we are a Leader in Me district. The Leader In Me, TLIM, is a positive school wide cultural approach to inspire students to exceptionality. Much more than a “program”, The Leader in Me affects virtually all dimensions of our building and reaches into the community at large. Based on Stephen Covey’s world renown “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the Leader in Me has created a cultural paradigm shift and provides a common language and focus to staff, students, and parents, empowering students to take a proactive approach to their learning and behavior and positively impact student achievement.

The Robert Morris School is proud of our positive and nurturing learning environment. All of our students are encouraged to explore learning opportunities which challenge them to think and grow as citizens of the 21st century.




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