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Dr. Lorise Goeke

The South Bound Brook School District prides itself on providing an excellent education for students in a small hometown environment. Our one school district is home to approximately 455 students in grades preschool through eighth grade. Our educational philosophy can best be exemplified by our school motto, “One school, One community.” Our students benefit from  positive relationships with our local law enforcement agency, our fire department, and our senior citizens. and the local government.  The DARE program continues to be delivered by law enforcement personnel.  Each year our fifth grade students graduate from this program and make a committment to lead a healthy lifestyle.  The mayor, along with the town council, educate our students on civic responsibility through a Junior Town Council experience. The community utilizes our building to provide various recreation events, such as the Halloween Parade, and Easter Eggstravaganza to the community members.  The building is also home to scout meetings, recreational basketball, and many other community centered activities.  Our band members perform at various community events such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Borough Hall. In South Bound Brook, we are truly that "village it takes to educate a child."

Perhaps most importantly, we are a Leader in Me district. The Leader In Me, TLIM, is a positive school wide cultural approach to inspire students to exceptionality. Much more than a “program”, The Leader in Me affects virtually all dimensions of our building and reaches into the community at large. Based on Stephen Covey’s world renown “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the Leader in Me has created a cultural paradigm shift and provides a common language and focus to staff, students, and parents, empowering students to take a proactive approach to their learning and behavior and positively impact student achievement.

The Robert Morris School is proud of our positive and nurturing learning environment. All of our students are encouraged to explore learning opportunities which challenge them to think and grow as citizens of the 21st century.





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