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Dr. Lorise Goeke

Welcome to the Twittersphere!

As you can well imagine, navigating the two positions of Superintendent and Principal take up a large portion of the day. If I am perfectly honest, they take up a large portion of my evenings also, and weekends.  Still, I feel that it is essential to stay up to date on professional trends.  Recently, I found a way to do just that.

Many of my colleagues have professional Twitter accounts.  They use those accounts on behalf of the school district to post pictures, announce scores for sports teams, or to "shout out" about events.  All of those things are very important, but I use my Twitter account a little differently.

I very rarely "tweet".  I do, however,  "retweet" quite often.  I retweet links to articles  that I want to  pass along to staff or read later.  I retweet inspirations that encourage and motivate me.  I use my Twitter feed as my own "real time" professional development reading list.  

In addition to following other educators, I follow state level education officials and big names in education such as Will Richardson, Alfie Kohn, and Principal El.  I find myself learning all kinds of new and interesting things every day - sometimes all in the space of minutes.

If you are interested in following me on Twitter, I can be found @drlorise.

Happy Tweeting!

Dr. Goeke


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